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Despite all the blank points, there are also good memories and happy times in his past. What are your best memories related to skateboarding? When I watched Tuuta, Säde and their friends skate the place I had spent so much time watching the guys skate I realized that it is never too late to start and you shouldnt expect it to be easy, but it is not impossible. B: Teesu took the words out of my mouth, I agree with everything she said. Yeah, at least concerning the level of my incomes I have travelled quite much. Alcohol just felt like it would give me everything I would need or what I was missing. I tried to get one of my friends to start, she even bought a board, but I dont think she was that interested in the end because she never came skating with. The ones getting hooked can pick up their own complete from the skate shop My Favorite Things at fredrikinkatu with a -10 discount. T: When I used to live in Perth in I did not know or see another girl skater around. Besides your raging I remember you were really intense with your skateboarding. B: Keep doing what you love! Then I pushed real hard and in the end I was landing down straight to the bullets.

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I didnt get along well with the girls, they were talking stupid stuff and they had really competitive hobbies. Where do you prefer to skate usually and what are you favorite spots? Hakki in the Kuopio indoor park. I really suggest searching that movie to understand why Im talking about that Ufo-Toni. Also some favorite skateboarders are Lacey Baker and Wilson Mäkelä. There was these Golden Cap graphics and "drunken master" and "morphine slave" kind of things going. I walked back from there and noticed that the competition was still going. Those were the good old days. Posted by: katja, teesu, youve been travelling a lot and last winter you were spending some time in Australia, India and Spain skateboarding. At the first session there is going to be boards and helmets available for borrowing.

matter what the mood or situation. Then I realized I couldnt do it by myself. That will give the participants support, encouragement to practice and develop the interest of skateboarding. Finally some parts of the capsule just popped out from my stomach through the scar and probably it was because of the poisoning reaction. T: Im called Teesu. Greetings to other skaters/everybody? So I was pulling those positive things in to that negative circle I was used to live. I was always the clown and the one who did whatever someone else told me to do in the groups and it was all just my way to get attention and acceptance that I didnt experience at home. Youve been skating very long and seen different phases in skateboarding. What is the weirdest or the most special place where youve been skateboarding? Especially during the past year I noticed that more and more the people with whom I hang out are skating as well. I have stuff in mind I would like to film but lets see if its ever going to happen. She must have tried her best, but the alcoholism made it impossible for her to do any better at that point and it affected me also later.

Sometimes you just need to seksi suomi24 sihteeriopisto oppilaat rest it for couple days/weeks and sometimes you have to go to surgery. And when the drinking started again, I just left the whole idea of skateboarding behind me for a while. Now this calm man is sitting at the kitchen table with a smile on his face and a deep look in his eyes. Even though I had the will to recover and I was going to those treatments, I just wasnt ready for it yet. Of course, it bothers me nowadays that I had such a bad attitude towards school but once again it was because of the problems I had in my childhood. When I started skateboarding, many years later, I realized I have another very legit excuse to escape winter in Finland. In India concrete parks are being built and rising from the ground like flowers in the spring and it is all thanks to Holy Stoked Collective and other passionate humans from around the world that wants to spread the stoke! T: Started skating myself at the age. But posliini pillu private show helsinki for real, you just have to go there and go in even though you feel embarrassed if you ever want to learn to skate. I have found my path but if I ever think about staying alone with this problem, the bad things and the real evil character of this disease will appear very quickly, and the harmful thoughts and bad things start to happen. I got hooked right away. Freedom and infinity, that everyone can do what ever he or she wants and this is the fact that no one should forget. How does the skateboarding culture abroad differ compared to Finland in your opinion? For me, it was just an obsession. What is your best texts after one night stand ekenäs video part or the one that you're most satisfied with? We got a little chat with Hanna about skateboarding, travelling and seeing differences in skate scenes in Finland and in other countries.

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Posted by: vk Posted by: katja hanna YLÄtalo interview ctrl girl power interview series continues and the next one in line is Hanna Ylätalo. With my dad, it was the same thing except he did all this even more intensely. But I only needed to see some doctors every once in a while and tell them my situation and that was. I mostly skate street. Meeting all the awesome skaters in Helsinki and spending the Finnish summers fooling around with them. In the end skateboarding is really new thing in India. The axle showing after one session Of course it wouldve been nice to land it Maybe I can try it now in 2014 For ctrl and for the old times. They have also recognized the rising scene of she-shredders and new vibes going on and have wanted to push the scene further and to create own input. And lastly, about whom (girl skater) you would like to read the interview next?